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Our Solutions

REVELOHEALTH delivers smart, direct transparent claims data and analytics solution that optimizes fee for service business and accelerates success in local value-based care.

Independent Repricing Services

Focused on employers, health systems and TPAs, REVELOHEALTH delivers efficient and effective repricing that helps mitigate risk and align value

  • Empower employers to contract directly with hospital systems, ACOs, and other networks
  • Gives transparency and control over a necessary, but long obscured process previously favoring the payer market versus employer
  • Partner with hospital and commercial-based state and national exchange networks to grow their businesses

Payment Analytics

Focused analysis and powerful interpretation technologies link previously fragmented data to identify care gaps, control allowables, prevent leakage and achieve better care coordination

  • Promote direct relationships between hospital systems and local and national employers, in order to deliver the services most needed in the communities served
  • Proactively create optimal environments for hospital systems to create a payer mix that best aligns with their strategies using real-time, point-of-care analytics
  • Frontend, unfiltered data offering predictable and controllable allowable calculations at or before the point-of-care

Advisory Services

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with hospital systems, ACOs, and networks, we identify and implement opportunities to create powerful local partnerships by unlocking the historical data barriers between providers and payers

  • Creating direct relationships with new payers, employers and delivery systems to realign your payer mix empowering strategic initiatives
  • Identify leakage, gaps in care and unnecessary out-of-network costs in

Revenue Cycle Management Solution

Using decades of experience from building and selling previous claims data management companies, we evaluate and optimize all aspects of revenue risk functions from Pre-registration services, point-of-care billing services, post care billing services and patient engagement via AI and proprietary analytics

  • Using revenue cycle experience successful in serving thousands of providers in over 30 states allows clients the unique ability to navigate, design and implement a customized management solution powered by REVELOHEALTH
  • Modular system allowing a step-by-step project assimilation with proven operational strategies and analytics measuring each process from the central office to the physician and point-of-care
  • Producing a roadmap for the optimal revenue cycle management processes with proprietary workflow analytics to drive value from the point of scheduling to the point of zero balance due