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Imagine handing a receipt for an episode of care to a patient at the time of care. ONECARECOST™ and your eligibility solution will generate a customized advance explanation of benefit at or before the point of care.

Using our ONECARECOST™ portal or a claim file delivery model, one can improve the point of care patient collections as the patient satisfaction as your patient’s know what they owe before they leave the office.

ONECARECOST™ meets all Transparency requirements needed for providers, Hospitals and Health Systems to provide advanced estimation of benefits to patients.


Point of Service estimate to anticipate accurate allowable from Payer with never-before-seen visibility into accurate payer/ provider contracts. Improves patient satisfaction and point of service collections.

Any Transparency requirement is met and exceeded for practice compliance. ONECARECOST™ eliminates guessing the amounts owed on each visit and makes the patient visit easier for everyone.

How it


Step 01

Users enters patient details, diagnosis info, insured details and providers info then click on next step.

Step 02

Users enters the duration and other data and click on submit for price.

Step 03

After submitting all the details you will be able to download Estimation of Price in PDF format.

What are the


Transparency: Full transparency at or before the point of care cost estimation for collection of payer allowable and patient payment.

Coordination: iCALIBRATE™ coordinates with ONECARECOST™ to include inputs of exact cost and correct codes for each visit to determine the accurate price for each insurance product.

Identification: Identifies changes in contract allowable that differentiate between an underpayment and a change within the managed care contract.

EOB: After submitting all the details you will be able to download or print the customized Estimation of Price in PDF format.

Inventory: Internal practice or office managers no longer have keep estimators updated with contract changes, amendments, and deeming letters as REVELOHEALTH maintains all contract inventory.

Customization: ONECARCOST™ is customizable for your workflow and your brand.


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