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Independent, innovative medical claims repricing solution for networks, health plans, and employers. Provides 100% automated claims re-pricing process and 98% first pass accuracy rate with complete claim reconciliation with 24-hour business turnaround. REPRICITY™ reconciles not only daily claim file receipt but also claims within each file submitted. Clients have unlimited ability to independently review or audit daily claim repricing activity within our iSTACK™ system.



REPRICITY™ provides visibility, transparency, and control of all aspects of the repricing process from loading your rate sheets to repricing your claims accurately and timely.

REPRICITY™ provides you with daily audit control of the repricing process to manage critical claims and specific claim routing inside and outside your organization.

Our iSTACK™ information system is customized for your needs to manage your claims repricing operation and help you understand your plan economics in real time to ensure your clients and their members receive the best healthcare outcome in the best setting at the right time. iSTACK™ gives you the information to ensure your clients and their members receive the best healthcare outcome in the right setting, at the right time.

How it


Our REPRICITY™ analysts listen to understand your plan and product needs from a product identification, routing rules, carve-out rules, reporting, and your daily claim review rules within your organization.

Our analysts review your network rate sheets and plan design with your operational team to ensure that the best and most accurate repricing solution is implemented.

Our analyst load, test, and analyze your rate sheet in order to give your team the ability to test and approve each rate sheet prior to any repricing claims. iSTACK™ gives you control over your repricing operation.


Value of REPRICITY™.

REPRICITY™ is led by an experienced team of payer and provider operational executives who understand the need to reduce the cost of claim operations for payers and providers.

REPRICITY™ has built proprietary applications to elevate our repricing solutions with industry leading technology partners including: Cognizant, TriZetto, and EXL Services.

REPRICITY™ solutions were built to enable our clients to understand their daily claim operations at each claim and deliver information to our clients to deliver a better network and plan decision in the future.


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