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Know What the Price is Before Your Submit the Claim using the CALIBRATE™ family of solutions. Never worry or estimate your net patient revenue.

Imagine handing the patient a “receipt” of the cost of their care based upon their insurance plan and the amount they owe as a patient before they leave the office using ONECARECOST™

iCALIBRATE™ and iSTACK™ analytics ensure you know the price from the payer is the same price as your contracted price.

iSTACK™ not only measure the financial aspects of your revenue cycle management function but lets your practices and providers understand their individual performance and what they need to do to improve in real time

Traditional RCM.

iCALIBRATE™ dynamically reprices each episode of care just like the payer using your managed care contracts converted to the payer algorithm. There is not estimate of what you will receive. You know what your contract says just like the payer….Only before the payer receives the claim.

eRCM™ is an end to end set of solutions designed to reduce the cost of collections based upon the existing workflow and infrastructure of each client using the CALIBRATE™ family of solutions, iSTACK™ analytics and ONECARECOST™ advance explanation of benefits. These solutions transform your current revenue cycle management function into an smaller, more focused and exception based organization with less operational cost.

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Identify Price: Clients know the price of each episode of care at the time of care. No more unnecessary claim appeals or credit balances.

Point of Care Collection: Using ONECARECOST™, the high cost and highly dissatisfying cost of self-pay collection goes away. Patients know the price of their care and their patient portion at the point of care.

Operational Information: We use RCM not only for collections but convert the data to information to enable practice to manage themselves in real time for economic and clinical improvement.

Transparency and NSA: Our solutions know the price before the payer and the patient knows their portion at the time of the visit. eRCM™ is tailored to meet your needs and objectives from an end-to-end solution to a strategic deployment of a particular application within your RCM operation.

Accuracy and Accountability: Our information is used to optimize provider schedules to ensure the right patients are seen at the right time in the right setting for the right reason clinically and economically.

Lower Cost of Collection: By using our CALIBRATE™ family of solutions and ONECARECOST™ application, eRCM™ reduces your cost of collection in every aspect from patient collections to claim appeals.


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