Real-Time Claims and Operational Reporting


iSTACK™ System.

Real time revenue cycle management, payer contract analysis, and operational performance information in one data mart.

Customizable to meet your specific operational and plan performance needs.

Enterprise wide information system to serve the intersection of managed care contract integrity and revenue cycle management performance.



iSTACK™ is the customizable, daily, DataMart that allows medical providers, payers, TPA’s and employers to understand, manage, and change the future economics of their practice, health plans, and networks in real time. This information is designed to discover, identify and understand variances and trends of your financial and operational metrics.

What are the


Real-Time Updates: Daily updated, customizable data mart of traditional and proprietary revenue cycle management information that service practice leaders, providers, executive management, and the accounting department with the information necessary to do their jobs better.

Self-Managed Application: An easy-to-use data mart for providers to learn to self-manage their operational and financial performance of their practice within the organization. Key operational drivers are demonstrated to improve practice performance.

End-to End Solution: iSTACK™ serves the practice operation and life of a claim. From practices to physicians to the central billing office, all participants have metrics that measure and drive their financial and operational performance on a daily basis.


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